cheap guinea pig (or bun) toy

Guinea pigs - the perfect pet! Cheap guinea pig toy made from toilet paper tubes.

DIY china hutch habitat for birds or maybe sugargliders. I don't think I will ever have sugar gliders again, but if I do this is absolutely the home I would want for them! Beautiful!

DIY finch aviary from old china hutch Nest inside coffee can for easy cleaning, treats, swings and toys from top. A large multiple hanging feeder for clean easy access. The top and 4 sides are wire mesh ans the two front pieces glass. the bottom and back

What a genius idea for the chinchilla play room!

cut idea to hide wires.especially in a play room, rec room or kid's room.However, if I was using in a play room or kids room I wouldn't use a picket fence but a rounded top. and Galoshes Photography

DIY cage for Chinchillas

You could easily turn an old wardrobe into a large ferret cage.

DIY cage for Chinchillas

DIY cage for Chinchillas, you should be ashamed!