Baby Orangutan bath time

Baby Orangutan bath time - this little guy almost looks like a sock monkey come to life :)

a dog enjoying cow kisses...too cute

27 Dogs Having The Time Of Their Lives

“How can you not be a happy, smiling dog when you get kisses from cows?

Funny Animal Pictures – 35 Pics

Funny pictures about Clint Eastwood as a dog. Oh, and cool pics about Clint Eastwood as a dog. Also, Clint Eastwood as a dog.

Bed And Breakfast

Funny pictures about Breakfast In Bed, tagged with bed, breakfast, dog, puppy posted in Gags

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 38 Pics

It's Hard To Tell But One Of My Dogs Helped Mow The Lawn. - The best funny pictures

The Pedigree commercial may say otherwise, but doggie dentures are real.

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