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One Direction es una boy band británica-irlandesa formada en 2010 en Londres, Reino Unido, con motivo del programa The X Factor.

One Direction--- love this, but not all the info is right (yet---leemo is still 20 for like a month.) i love them. The song that i like more from them is" story of my life" and "best song ever"

and then after this tour we have another coming....sometimes i wonder if they ever wanna stop touring and just be able to relax and maybe start a family or just be able to chill out in public without body guards and not get mobbed

So depressed wwa is over. Concerts were amazing. They did an amazing job:-):-):-) at least the movie is this weekend:-):-)

Hair o.O

Harry Styles *old hair flip*>> the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed