Vintage comic book spinner.

Every drug store had comic books!I spent many hours reading comic books in our small town drug store while sipping a 10 cent fountain coke and eating a 5 cent cone of maple nut ice cream while waiting for Daddy to get off work after my piano lesson.

Body suits

Body suits I remember being a little girl wearing these and not being able to do the snaps up. The fashion returned in the I'm glad I was old enough to do my own snaps the time.

Before Churches Became Businesses !

Many Southern Baptist Church had this on the wall above the piano. Sometimes there was also a board for the hymns that would be sung

60s school clock

school clock- because of this damn clock I hate clocks! This thing tormented me all day going so slow. so slow. so slow. Had visions of shooting it & breaking out of school.

transistor radio

Vintage GE 1964 Portable Transistor Radio~~~I had this exact 1 !

Clackers. i think mine were purple.

Do you remember Click-Clacks (Clackers) from the I had green ones.

bell bottoms

hip hugger bell bottoms--the bigger the "bell," all the better.I remember sewing in fabric inserts to embellish the bell.

Stilts...never could walk on these things!

My Daddy made a set of 'stilts' like these for my sister & I when we were kids! Such fun & great memories.

vintage coca cola

Everything CocCola - - Coca Cola soda fountain "Coke. Refresh Yourself" In the I had a play one of these. You put an open bottle of Coke in it & worked like the real thing