"The barbaric practice of foot binding in China began in the 10th century. It was practiced on young girls as young as 6 yrs old. Feet were wrapped in tight bandages and broken so they couldn’t grow. Tiny feet were a sign of prestige, beauty and wealth.  For centuries, women suffered terrible pain in the hopes of marrying into a better future." (http://www.myseveralworlds.com) >>  I could not even fathom...This is not a travel 'fun' find but it's still something important to know about.

Suffering for Beauty - Photos of Chinese Footbinding

Chinese foot binding - the toes were broken and folded under the foot. Chinese men thought smaller feet were "sexy". Chinese mothers would bind their daughters feet at a young age so that it would be easier for them to find a husband when they got older.


♅ Dove Gray Home Decor ♅ old staircase Neat iron staircase at the abandoned Weston State Hospital in West Virginia. Love the detail!

Unique Mushroom Shaped Holiday Homes

Unique Mushroom Shaped Holiday Homes

Omg its like the smurf village! Unique Mushroom shaped Holiday Homes located at Akbuk Bay, Altinkum, Turkey. The entire vacation village will be made up of mushroom-like homes.


i mean, i like painting up. and i love the pigs. so.getting a pig and painting it up?

Le Nid (The Nest)  - a bar in Nantes, France

Le Nid (The Nest) - a bar in Nantes, France - i want to go here & want an egg table/chairs set for my breakfast nook!


i can't even walk in normal high heels lol!>>>The Scary Beautiful shoes by Leanie van der Vyver explore the concept of beauty in our current world.


Another Lego stiletto, by Finn Stone. However this one is fun to look at with all its odds & ends stuck to it.

I just can't understand this!

'They are 50 per cent of who I am': The woman addicted to growing her toenails - even though it is risking her health

Monk fish......EEK!

Anglerfish facts and pictures. Find out more about deep sea angler fish and the infamous anglerfish mating.