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A curiosity cabinet of one-of-a-kind polymer clay necklaces and objects.Made in Brooklyn, NY.

Bamboo Charcoal Soap

The bamboo charcoal soap emits a relaxing fragrance of organic vetiver and myrtle oils. The oils, along with the charcoal particles, also help to clear the complexion. I love the packaging.

all sides are same size so they can have same type of layout (all are illustrations -- if some bigger and some smaller, they are categorized and different "types" of sides) Jean Jullien. Candle packaging for French store Colette. Candle smells like Paris!

eulogiescover-low.jpg (JPEG Image, 797x750 pixels)

eulogiescover-low.jpg (JPEG Image, 797x750 pixels)

1–2–3–Helsinki ! Design en Seine on Behance

DESIGN EN SEINE curated and the exhibition architecture by Esa Vesmanen (Pure Design) design: Werklig

#wytrawnarobota » hopa studio.

is hopa studio's limited edition packaging project: "Bottles of wine are often thought as gifts for our friends and clients.