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chouji and karui

akimichi_chouji beard boots brown_hair couple dark_skin eyes_closed facial_hair facial_mark goatee grin height_difference hetero highres hug husband_and_wife karui leg_up long_hair naruto naruto_shippuuden red_hair smile toeless_boots toes

Comment il est magnifique  #booster#yamaha#mbk#scooter#50cc#monster#monsterenergy by 281214_060815

Comment il est magnifique #booster#yamaha#mbk#scooter#50cc#monster#monsterenergy by 281214_060815

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The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Posters - Created by Dylan West These posters are available for sale at Dylan’s Etsy Sho

This is a thing that I dare say I need in my life... <3   #skyrim

Skyrim :D Przereklamowane toto, ale taki wisiorek mógłbym mieć :)

cosplay entertainment 8 Sexy And Bad Ass Characters Brought To Life In Cosplay!

Aela the Huntress from Skyrim. She's my Skyrim crush! I'm guna marry her in the game lol.yes I'm a girl in the game & I'm guna marry a girl. It's just a videogame.

If only thy really made these I would by all of them (I think it would be awesome if they made the dragons from skyrim) SHADOWMERE!!!

A Hasbro Littlest Pet Shop horse repainted to become Shadowmere from the Bethesda Skyrim game. Shadowmere is the horse you can get while completing the Assassin's Guild quests.