Easy Summer Activity - Spray Bottle Silhouette Art for Kids!

Kids Activity - Spray Bottle Silhouette Art To make this more complicated.have your find a more difficult picture to cut out or more challenging strategy to do multi colors rater than just one!


Paint Scrape Notecards - DIY Art Project Idea

Make paint scrape art. This DIY art project idea is really easy, so much fun, and makes beautifully colored notecards. You just need a few simple supplies you may already have!

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This really is one cute turtle! === If my (hypothetically) child will be cute as this turtle, I'll be the happiest dad EVER!


myfonts: “Do you like ampersands? How about a free set of hand-drawn ampersands and ornaments? Free font: Bookeyed Sadie Ampersands on MyFonts ”

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