triangle rubber stamps from

Rubber stamp hand carved mini hearts pattern fabric balloon bowls triangle rubber stamps from www. DIY Lace Cement Votives v.

via likainen parketti

Washi tape hall doors What a great idea when you're in a rental and want ideas on how to change your interior with out annoying your landlord. This can be done with paint, or even black tape! Imagine all the ideas you could do.


Composition, Structure, I chose this photo for structure because it shows a very solid shape in structure. This photo exemplifies contrast, and black and white.

Important, collage by Fred One Litch

wordsandeggs: “Important” - Fabulous geometric collage by Fred One Litch. Via the-life-enigmatic: important by Fred One Litch on Fl


Polyhedron Vase, Mother of Pearl Finish, Modern Design Origami Vase with Glass Insert from Revisions Design Studio - Supermarket


Azealia Skinny Bangle Set