Exhibiting a natural spectrum of color found within one entity, this photograph of ocean water shows the hue of blueish-gray and its various intensities/luminance.

Your Lucky Color For 2016 According To Your Zodiac Sign

I love how the blue and grey corresponed in the waves. i also love how they layered the colour schemes onto of this photo to add a cool effect.

Ophila nature's fairytale storybook.

She does this because when our Ciel was scared during the night she would sing to him to help him sleep, most of the time She would fall asleep singing and it became a habit in her sleep.

A Private World | Tim Walker #photography | Vogue Italia November 2008

I thought I'd post pictures from my all time favourite photographer Tim Walker. Everything he does is sheer perfection, the perfect mixture of fairytale and the most beautiful couture fashion has to offer. It's like a dream I wish I'd had.

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Thank you for a lovely board today ♥️ next, let's do a palette that Renee shared with me. It's called Blue Moon and a lovely palette of blues and darks. We hope you enjoy finding the images here and the style of the boar

Netherlands JKphotography on Etsy Papillon Nocturn fine art photograph printed on Hahnmuhle German Etching paper