Give your little explorer the perfect place to play with a woodland-themed playroom!

Easton likes everything especially the no girls allowed sign. Isaiah likes the play arrow sign and the teepee and the "if you need me Ill be in my teepee" sign and the other word signs.

waiting for santa..

So sweet! He needs to be in the family Christmas photo too! Dog sleeping next to the Christmas tree. Next years christmas card!

Baby Bulldog, one day I will have one and i will call him fred! Too cute

Bra for open-back tops, you could also add a silk ruffle to an existing one. Good idea =)


Super cute and creative idea! Bra for open backed shirts/dresses. Just sew lace and ribbon to back of bra - problem solved.


Happy Birthday to Our Beloved Beauty Director, Eleanor!

MAC Make-up Birthday Cake. This is not cute, I thought this was real makeup. which means if I had this bday cake I'd think it was makeup & not food.

Organize every desk setup with creative options from The Container Store!

The world is your organizing oyster. The Container Store has some great-looking computer desk organizing options.

Cozy Gift wrap

A Cozy Christmas: Gift Wrap using old sweaters! For this project I was excited to use some dated wooly sweaters on some of the packages.

10 Most Loyal Dog Breeds of All times

what a sweet, innocent face! is this the image of "puppy eyes"?

Glitter Heart Nail


The Beauty Department: Washi Tape Glitter Heart Manicure


I'm Sorry I Ruined Your Lives (Buddy Elf Baseball Shirt) - Fun Movie Shirts - Skreened T-shirts, Organic Shirts, Hoodies, Kids Tees, Baby One-Pieces and Tote Bags on Wanelo

creative space

sneak peek: gwendolyn of dear hancock

Shared home office ideas so you can learn how to work from home together. Our office decorating experts show you how to design a workspace for two. From desks to decor, create a working space in your home. For more home office ideas go to Domino.

Lighting Ideas

Must remember cuz I love sparkly twinkly lights DIY lights and lanterns for outdoor weddings!

Home Office /

yellow lamp study room desk furniture, home office, cabinets, lighting, work at home

5 panel hat from unitedbyblue ” Get both your hat and paddle fix all in one place United By Blue 5 Panel Hat Sanborn x United By Blue Paddles

Ooh. This is a cool idea to hang stuff without having to poke holes in apartment walls. And it would be fun to keep changing stuff out as I created/found new things to hang. I think I want to do this. Or umm...make my dad build it.

5 Non-Permanent Ways to Personalize Sans Paint

apartment art display - hang artwork without mussing up your rented walls using a DIY trellis and pant-hangers. plus, nice orange couch.