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It's so sad! And I really, really like the Remus and Sirius they chose.

Jokes About: Harry Potter|| Mean girls Hermione Granger. I LOVE Harry potter/mean girls crossovers!!!!!!!!

Harry Potter Valentines :)

I would hope this was intentional, like using the same music at the end of the first and last movies...

HP sets and locations, must get over my fear of flying & head out to the UK ASAP!!!!!

Descriptions of the Houses. I might have to start a Harry Potter board one of these days...

Some Harry Potter facts

Real-life Harry Potter via mobile app! I need this in my life, like, yesterday.

31 Unbelievable Facts That Make The "Harry Potter" Movies Even More Magical

28 things that happened after the harry potter books. There is actually quite a few that I didn't know.

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Emma was trying so hard not to laugh.... and Rupert is just standing there like "He so deserves everything that is coming to him."

I hate this meme because anyone familiar with the books knows you can't go back in time to change certain things.... If they had used a time turner to save Lily and James, Voldemort would never have been defeated. Stupid!

So young to be fighting so many

The lst one is amazing.


Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George and Ron Weasley

Ron Weasley