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Deadpool and Batman | Deadpool, I love you so much...

Deadpool and Batman

Marvel Adventures Spiderman cover by Skottie Young

Skullrot - Once again, I must bring up that I f’in’ love...

Figuras Funko POP! I want to start collecting these!! AVENGERS FIRST!! - A - Z on Funko POP Vinyls

Darth Grumpy

Funny Star Wars Pictures! (23 Pics) - Ned Hardy

ALL the fandoms!

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Kid is going places

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Potterhead humor

You've obviously

Every time.

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LOL oh elsa:)

Oh, that’s the reason

Hahaha!!! :)

Darth Vader and Son

Terminus-- April Fool's Day!

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Who ever made this has soul blacker than Satan's

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Never go full Shane.

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who the fuck made this and why do you want to hurt us like this

Tweets about #ripbeth hashtag on Twitter

the walking dead season 5 meme - Google Search

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Officer Friendly

DeadShed Productions: Sexy Grimes Edition: The Walking Dead 5x12 memes...

the walking dead season 5 meme - Google Search

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The Walking Dead S4 funny memes 4x14

Walking Dead News

Elrond's To-Do List. At the top, centuries ago, should have been "take the chance to toss the Ring into Mt Doom while I'm there"

Set Phasers to LOL
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I love that everything else has punched through or been thrown into the wall and then Iron Man just looks like he got shoved.

Avengers Night Light...

the hobbit | funny

That would probably work on me. -

Da Great Gatsby

Ghetto Great Gatsby…

Christopher Lee......

That’s too much information, Saruman…