Don't forget your FitBit! Fitness Motivation. Fitness quotes. Running and walking.

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The Best Top-Brand Running Shoes & Running Gear

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Funny Minions Pictures Of The Week - July 7, 2015

Sounds good to me

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Attack Of The Funny Animal Pictures - 38 Pics


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retro funny....

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hmmm i sure do know some who could use one....But Thats None Of My Business

But Thats None Of My Business Meme - Imgflip


Fudge That Sugar

And there you have it…why I don't have a job. JK would love to have the wait. :)

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46 Funny E-Cards - Clicky Pix

For me, I've had I credit card ever, it's kept locked up and is rarely ever been used. I pay it completely off before the bill is even sent. This is emergency usage only. When I have used it I blow the dust off of it. I am sure my credit card doesn't own me but that I own it. Be responsible.

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 75 Pics

Im Into Fitness funny memes dog fitness meme lol pizza funny quotes humor funny animals

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Im Into Fitness funny memes dog fitness meme lol pizza funny quotes humor funny animals


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Ha! But really. @hanjak2

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I want to be a bunny


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Totally did this when Sam and Dean were hunting a monster in a city near my hometown.

When You're Watching Your Favorite Show And They..

I'm dying

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Marissa Keys

Caffeine and weirdness abounds

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retro funny.....

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Ain't this the truth. I was always silent in most arguments with my ex and he thought of me as "stoic". No I just kept it quiet so I can't be quoted wrong.

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