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Cinder Pumpkin Contest

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By Sarah: "It is based off of the cover of Cinder. I did not use an actual pumpkin but a circle of orange construction paper lightly creased into a square. I cut out the shapes with an exacto knife using a template of a printed out cover. Then I cut out colored tissue paper (it is hard to see in the dark) and used watered glue to paste the tissue on from the backside. To finish it off I put two fake candles inside and tuned off the lights." (Follow link to see Scarlet & Cress too.)

Bookmouse (Sarah) on deviantART

By Jess Day at Book Geeks Rule.

BookGeeksRule: Cinder Pumpkins!

By Linda Sterling.

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By Izamar Barrera: "This pumpkin is made out of glass and I decorated it to make it look edgy and punk-ish. The blue glow makes it look futuristic while it also gives it an eerie Halloween vibe. The wheels and the frame on the bottom make it look as if this really is Cinder's futuristic pumpkin turned "car"-riage and she is going to speed away any second! If you would like to see more- please see these individual pictures on the board."

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  • Linda Smik
    Linda Smik

    I vote for this one! So creative.

By Ally Kate. "I did Love because Cinder is an amazing love story!"

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"Cinder's Cyborg Hand" by Susan Simcox

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  • S. Drinkwater
    S. Drinkwater

    I love this

By ~Cirku on deviantART

Cinder's Pumpkin Carriage by Cirku on deviantART

By Kaede: "It says Cinder's Castle. My camera sucked and I used a shiny silver sharpie so it didn't turn out so well. But if you squint really hard at the screen, I'm sure you can tell what it says...sort of. Also, the yellow explosion in the corner? It's meant to be there. Promise. It is not a mess of glitter, 'kay. And then there's the black C shaped thing-y on the outline of the "pumkin". It's suppose to stand for Cinder. Oh, there's lots of moons on the picture."

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By Kathryn: " This is a jock’o’lantern version of Iko!!! I made her out of a squash instead of a pumpkin to get that robot-like shape, and I think it turned out pretty cute ~~ Iko was one of my favorite characters in Cinder. Marissa had a very creative take to everything she did, and my all time favorite Iko scene is when she comes in on Cinder wearing a string of Adri’s pearls and lipstick smeared across her face where her lips would be."

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By Maddilin, inspired by this quote from Scarlet: "Kai’s attention fell from the pictures and snagged on the small metal foot that sat on the corner of his desk, its joints caked with grease. Like a revolving wheel, his thoughts came full-circle yet again. Linh Cinder."

107 - Cyborg

Bianca Nadine San Pedro: "when I think of Cinder I think of Cinderella and when I think of Cinderella I think of the CARRIAGE! I mean seriously an ordinary pumpkin being turned into a magical carriage is flippin amazing. So I got a pumpkin and with a flick of my wrist Bippidy Bobbity Boom! My very own pumpkin carriage! I just hope this would've made Cinderella AND Cinder happy!"

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By Samantha.

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  • Corinne Minshall
    Corinne Minshall

    Love this! Especially the Cinder glowing on the wall!

  • Paige Haines
    Paige Haines

    What an amazingly creative and awesome carving job! Absolutely brilliant!

By Whitney: "I imagined Cinder watching her stepsisters carving pumpkins every year, while she had to clean all the pumpkin guts off the floor (yuck). I could envision her wanting to take part in the festivity but not being permitted to. But knowing Cinder has a bit of a rebellious streak, I thought she would defy her stepmother by making her own pumpkin downstairs in the basement. She would make it by compiling any of the spare parts she wasn't using..." (Click for more details and pictures.)

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By Ada: Cinder inspired paper mache Pumpkin Carriage. Silver wires and rings for Cinder's futuristic world, a steampunk hat carriage top for her mechanic representation, and retained some traditional twists. I wanted to mainly incorporate 3 things for my entry: a pumpkin more fit for the futuristic world, a symbol for Cinder, and a familiarity to her tale. :)

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By Penny Yoke: "This is supposed to be Iko, in a new body specially for Halloween! Iko has an oversized pumpkin head in Halloween style, with a pretty long stalk that I tried to arrange like a girl's hair. Iko has a undersized body with two hands, that looks cute with the huge head. Iko's hand has a red ribbon, from Peony. At the bottom, there's a pair of shoes, since I think Iko would have liked to have shoes for her new body." (Click for more details.)

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New Beijing Palace by Tanya Mlynarczyk

Tanya Mlynarczyk on Twitter

By Courtney Wicks. "I had a lot of fun carving/shaving this pumpkin~ First time shaving a pumking, too! Ahh, this is one of my favorite book covers, and kind of perfect for a pumpkin (Cinderella and all, right?) One of my all-time favsies :D" (Click through for the extended process.)

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  • Kelley

    Wow, this one is freaking awesome!

  • Kim Slack
    Kim Slack

    Ahhhhhh this is so cool!!!!

By Nobonita Chowdhury: "I know,it's a bit off topic but hey,you're the one who said to be creative!LoL! :)"

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By Elie / eliesmithbooks

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By Jackie Chapman, based on the Italian cover. Follow to her pinboard that includes photos of the whole process, and other preliminary concepts.

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Cinder's Metal Pumpkin by Rachel Scott. "This is Cinder's carriage, except all future-ized. The pumpkin is a giant metal sphere, and instead of wheels, it has treads, like the androids in Cinder's universe. The thingy on the door is the Lunar Crest."

Cinder's Metal Pumpkin by rws1772 on deviantART

By Katie @ Inkk Reviews. To see it from another angle click: inkkreviews.blogs...

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By Allison D. "If you look closely, you can see that the pumpkin is made out of the letters of Cinder. I also included a moon, hence Lunar Chronicles, and a slipper for Cinder."

Cinder-Inspired Pumpkin by SpringRose9 on deviantART

By Loie: "Here is my pumpkin-inspired interpretation of Cinder's gasoline car :) I put so much food colouring in the icing that it is probably not edible any more but it was a lot of fun to make."

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**Click through for more pics and to see it all lit up.** Lily Zheng Gb: "This is my lantern pumpkin. Consider it a real pumpkin made out of paper, painted red to resemble the lunar eclipse, orange bands for pumpkin color's sake, silver for the dress and Pearl which is also what the dots at the bottom are. Then there is a quote in English and some Chinese characters. Then inside is a red shoe on a cream cloth pillow and then hanging over it is a flower-shaped candle on a "stem" as the handle."

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