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Marissa Wittmann

Marissa Wittmann
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Sagittarius tattoo.

The sun is in Sagittarius from November to December If you want to treat yourself with something personal this year, a Sagittarius Tattoo might.

A good reminder when attempting anything musical theatre dance call oriented...

the dance life and the words heard constantly when you dont listen to the dance teacher about pointing your toes 👯

This En Point Bling speaks of individuality. The thing that spills out of us when we dancers hit the floor of the studio and stage. The thing that makes the audience go "Ooooo!" and "Aaaah!" when that special individual takes flight. ~Nibiru

I'm gonna have photos like this posted in ,my babygirl's nursery/bedroom! I want so badly for her to be a ballerina! Crystal-encrusted ballet slippers from Clover Canyon Fall 2013

learn how to curl like this

learn how to curl like this.Julianne Hough looks great no matter what hair color, length, straight or curls.Just adorable!