Sculpture from iron strings by David Oliveira  Three Dimensional line drawings!!

Feeling Wired

sculpture made from iron strings. by Portuguese artist David Oliveira string sculpture Oliveira

Kabelo Kim Modise

Kabelo Kim Modise - "Lines are symbolic to me because in my own consideration, everything you craft starts with a line.

Andy Gilmore

Maybe thsi could be made with black screws and silver wire/white thread. how boss would that be?

The Anatomy of an Angel - Damien Hirst

See, this is why I love Damien Hirst. damien hirst: "Anatomy of an Angel"

Gordon Matta-Clark

Arquitetura Recortada

Marc Quinn

Marc Quinn’s sculpture of Kate Moss is a similar style to that of Gao Xiaowu’s sculptures, with the smooth texture and also colour. I think by having the sculpture in white, it makes it look a lot more simplistic and modern.

Manoel Novello | O que vem por aí, acrílica sobre tela, 138 x 138 cm, 2011

Manoel Novello | O que vem por aí, acrílica sobre tela, 138 x 138 cm, 2011

Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons – Mitos e verdades sobre a arte e sobre si mesmo

Jeff Koons is one of my favorite contemporary artists. He makes big metal sculptures that look like balloon animals. It's funny to think how hard this form is in real life even though it looks like a balloon!

Louise Bourgeois

Louise Bourgeois Arch of Hysteria 1993 Bronze, polished patina, hanging piece Courtesy Cheim & Read, Galerie Karsten Greve and Galerie Hauser & Wirth © Louise Bourgeois Photo: Allan Finkelman

Ana Mendieta

“Untitled (Glass on Body Imprints — Face),” 1972 by Cuban-American performance artist Ana Mendieta

Marcela Tiboni -

Marcela Tiboni -