This is a good example of shape because the trees are shown 2 dimensionally, on a flat space. There is also a use of variations of triangles, circles, squares and other shapes. By using this 2 dimensional technique it creates a more abstract feel.


I love chrysanthemums, it's a shame that in Italy and China they are associated with cemeteries only by the coincidence that so few other flowers are out in November for their annual clean up Grannies grave ceremonies.

One day... silly fox socks, even if I turn into a proper adult post three zero hit (it's not gonna happen, but if it does the socks will cure it right?)

Personal convictions: how we individually seek to glorify God rather than please our individual flesh's selfish, prideful desires, which are harmful to us individually and contradictory to our redeemed spirit's desires. Let's respect differing weaknesses.

Eat healthy Read good books Make a nice bookshelf for all my books in our home Exercise Save..... ....and go on a trip Think + Work hard Be creative Be a pineapple and last but definitely not least..... help those in need and make a difference!!!