take a photo of paris like this

here: for u! MICHAEL Michael Kors iPhone® 5, 4S, and 4 Multifunction Phone Case - Neiman Marcus

not tiffany but still nice... heaps more on this site ;) Graphic Image Goatskin Phone Wristlet

Nutella Empanada. get in my belly!!!


what is this and should this be in my belly?

our conversations with our mother

Cake batter fudge! for Ps bday??

Ashlee Marie

So me


Embroidered Converses or TOMS for the rehearsal and morning of? Super cute!




That would be a useful warning label!!

The face!

Glitter Sharpies!

My alarm looks just like this

pinata problems

or my asos wish list :(

this makes me laugh...because its so true

too cute!


omg kitchen scales!??!?!!?!?

so you!

clearly... you do not stand alone