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Halloween and the ocean -- sometimes cute, but mostly creepy!


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The ocean is so beautiful yet scary at times..

The Dragonfish lives over 6000 feet beneath the ocean’s surface, where it is a fierce predator that has long, razor sharp teeth. They grow up to one and a half feet long, and the females are much larger than the males. The female Dragonfish also has a barbel attached to her chin which glows in the dark. How’s that for freaky?


Frog fish


  • ShondaKevin Ogle
    ShondaKevin Ogle

    Is this really a fish?! Eeeww, Grif says it would give liittle kids nightmares!

Red-Bellied Pacu, the piranha's vegetarian (usually anyway) cousin. It's teeth closely resemble human teeth. Creepy in the extreme.

piranha skeleton.

Scaly Dragonfish (Stomias Boa).... creepy looking fish!

Deep Sea Creatures..

Stargazer fish...a bit creepy


Creepy Fish photo - Buzznet

sea monsters

Deep sea monster

"Halloween" lobster -- the rare "split" lobster, bright orange and black, was caught in a trap last week by a fisherman from Salem, Massachusetts. According to the New England Aquarium, split lobsters occur at a ratio of roughly one in 50 to 100 million lobsters. (10/31/12)

Secret Inhabitants of the Depth

Lip Creature

It is not a fantasy creature but a real deep sea animal

Ah! A deep sea seaworm.

Jeremy Wade bravely poses with the 5ft long goliath tigerfish caught during an expedition up the River Congo in Africa


Scary Fish face!

Ghost fish.

The barreleye (Macropinna microstoma for you ichthyologists) is a deepwater fish that has a see-through, fluid filled head in which it moves its eyeballs.

A halloween hermit crab (Ciliopagurus tricolor) extracted from its cone shell, Mayotte, Indian Ocean by Arthur Anker, via Flickr

Creepy looking angler fish.