Beautiful pictures of beautiful men. I am a 23 year old Videographer and photographer in London with a keen interest in good photography and hot men.

Liam Jolley Andrew Corvin: by David Vance Photos. Jakub Stefano: by Max Meier Photos


Charcoal black skies and the sweet aroma of a progressive summer welcomes romantic thoughts. I want to kiss him in summer’s rain. Yo a summer love would be so cool.

Body (Part 7), a.k.a. “The Rhythm of Romance” (The Couples Slideshow)

Body (Part 7), a.k.a. “The Rhythm of Romance” (The Couples Slideshow)

My likes, my Loves, my PASSIONS!!! None of these works are mine . . . what did you think??? And if you haven't figured it out . . . NSFW!

If you are not 18 or older you are in the wrong place.... welcome to my page... I find that this is my place at times to escape and spend time showing what I find to be sexual and romantic, I am what I think a passionate romantic with a love for all...

série 258/2016

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