Check out this cute writing center! She used CTP's Jumbo Polka Dots border in her playful area.

The Kimbrell Family: My classroom. love the writing center and other cute setup ideas for the kindergarten room!

How to set up an ABC Center in your Pre-K, Preschool, or Kindergarten classroom. Great Center ideas too.

ABC Center

What's In Your ABC Center? How to set-up and organize an ABC center in your preschool or kindergarten classroom. A list of materials to help you create a fun, educational alphabet or ABC center your kids will LOVE!

Work Trays - I like this for organizing grouped theme work or centers

way to organize daily independent work. have a schedule with number trays they need to do. match the number on their to do list then take work to finished work in finshed bin.

Build with letters;alphabet for starters: Cardboard boxes with tape letters

Build With Letters - Alphabet For Starters

alphabet for starters: Cardboard boxes with tape letters prompt kids to stack certain letters or have them of the whole alphabet in order - or spelling game - name a word and have them build it in a tower