Reflections - Delphi Stained Glass

Reflections - Delphi Stained Glass by Ken Shrimplin. This piece contains 102 individually cut pieces of glass thermally fused in a kiln. Shrimplin used various types and textures of dichroic glass.

Leaf Fish

Hazel Terry Leaf Fish-- this would be a fun kid craft to use leaves from leaf collecting trips.


Bright painting ideas turn ordinary fall leaves into amazing artworks, unique gifts and home decorations. Creative painting ideas add color and interesting design to real leaves, offering beautiful art and craft ideas for kids and adults.

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Louise V Durham Stained Glass Sculptures Shoreham by Sea

Louise V Durham stained glass sculpture Shoreham by Sea. I need one of these gorgeous things in my life! driftwood with glass inserted.

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leaf art <> " Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree." ~Emily Bronte (Thanksgiving, season, autumn, fall) I think I will try and sew a faux leaf and make this. My favorite season "Autumn"

painted leaves - would look great in a shadowbox (could also do painted feathers)

Just imagine these painted, gold leaf tip magnolia leaves scattered across your reception tables. The perfect addition of color to your fall wedding! blabla kids: Leaf it to Kristen.

Подготовка листов- просушить листики утюгом через лист офисной бумаги, поставить просушенные листы под пресс( толстая книга) на 2 дня. Разрисовывать можно акварелью-ложится зернисто, но для детского творчества отличный вариант, гуашь ложится более плотно и цвет насыщенный, акрил дает отличный плотный и насыщенный цвет.

cool idea for something to do with your autumn leaves.or aboriginal designs! Magnolia leaves would be perfect for this!

Louise V Durham Stained Glass Sculptures Shoreham by Sea

Another beautiful example of fused glass/wood from Louise Durham. Driftwood stained glass sculptures via louisevdurham

By Teresa Seaton.... beautiful

antineutral: Teresa Seaton Lifting, tri panel stand stained glass with spun wire

:leaf art

Elena Nuez via la vie est belle. Using leaves as a pattern, recreate lasting leaves with autumn-colored papers.

Ikea Margareta Christmas Tree Canvas                                                                                                                                                     More

Birds - Glass Art This would be a cool stained glass project for Tele and Elliott when they are old enough!

Rachel McRae's story, Twelve Days, is currently FREE on Kindle. Rachel is a stained glass artist, whose husband restores Victorian homes. But their lives are falling apart, even as one cherished dream -- of finally having children -- is coming true.

Absolutely love this stained glass Nugget window. This window is installed in a door - although it has Gothic design principles, blends with contemporary architecture.