Winter beauty.

what a beautiful night. time to dance in the moonlight.the magic of snow.dances in the air .as the moon just set there,.oh what a wonderful sight.I want to dance in the moon light.

Ice and snow at Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge near Portland, Oregon • photo: Marshall Alsup on Flickr

Pig Trail Scenic Byway - Arkansas Makes me feel a little chilly Multonomah Falls, Oregon, USA Multnomah Falls, Columbia Gorge, Oregon


Beautiful light through snowy trees! Reminds me of Rainbow Creek right by the old school house.

Robert Frost

Robert Frost Quote Art Miles to Go Winter Photography Nature Print Poetry Poem Home Decor Wall Art Poetry Lover Gift Woods Snowy Evening.

Snowy Night, Chester, England photo via dothz

Snowy Night, Chester, England There's nothing like a walk on a winter night, when the street lights make the snow sparkle like billions of diamonds.