I love the water . any kind of water. And one day I would love to have a place by the water. Be it a cottage that I frequent or my actuall year round residence. Sunch tranquility and serenity by the water

A Family Fire Pit

35 Unique Backyard Ideas to Steal for Your House

Amazing Backyard Escapes From a fire pit to a hammock, these backyards say outdoor entertaining — and relaxing.

So this will OBVIOUSLY go in my front yard right?? Is that ok? Too much? @Jessica Salmans

DIY Project - This is such a cute idea for a child's bedroom or playroom, with each sign painted in a different color & font style. You can customize it to your child's favorite places in stories & real life. Awesome idea for a family DIY project.

French hydrangeas paired with hostas

Gardening 101: French Hydrangeas

French Hydrangea: A Perfect Pairing. "If you really want to make your borders sing, pair (hydrangeas) with hostas." Maybe plant hydrangea on the music room front?


Blue hydrangeas by an outdoor bench! Loads and loads of gorgeous blue hydrangeas! Love these beautiful hydrangea specimens!

Movie Quotes

Famous movie quotes: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon // Jerry Maguire // Notting Hill // As Good As It Gets // Casablanca // My Best Friend's Wedding // Dirty Dancing // Top Gun // Sleepless in Seattle // Gone with the Wind // Titanic // Forrest Gump

Home is where they love you: DIY Landscaping Curb

DIY concrete landscape borders, BRILLIANT and soooooo easy! What an easy way to stop the yard from mating with the flowerbed.

These are amazing and would be perfect for the front and side yard Shrubs for Areas With High Shade

Shrubs for Areas With High Shade

Shrubs for Areas With High Shade. This beautiful white form of flowering currant(Ribes sanguineum) and pink camellia are underplanted with a golden-leaved bleeding heart (Dicentra spectabilis 'Gold Heart') and other shade-lovers.