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Mark Cereceda

Mark Cereceda supports a number of social and health organizations. He supports the Alonzo Morning Charities for "at-risk" youth, youth football programs in South Miami, West Miami Police Department and Coral Gables Police Ski Team, and wounded soldiers. The health organizations Mark Cereceda supports include: La Liga Contra el Cancer, the American Lung Association, Camillus House, and Radio Lollipop to benefit children afflicted with cancer.

Mark Cereceda

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Mark Cereceda wants to provide exceptional medical services within his community. He operates out of multiple centers: Ceda Orthopedics, Interventional Medicine, and Ceda health. Each is a modern facility with friendly service and in-house transportation. Mark Cereceda is a chiropractic physician whose goal is to offer the best quality service available. Early in his career as a doctor,

Mark Cereceda is a chiropractic physician who owns multidiscipline services in locations throughout Miami-Dade county. His centers include Ceda Orthopedics, Interventional Medicine, and Ceda Health. Mark Cereceda graduated from Life University School of Chiropractic in December of 1993. From 1994 to 1996, he volunteered his services at Camillus House in Miami, Florida. Through his volunteer work.

As a chiropractor, Mark Cereceda is well-aware of how miserable back pain can be. Mark Cereceda decided to volunteer his chiropractic services at the Camillus House between 1994 and 1996. Mark Cereceda no longer volunteers at Camillus House but he remembers how grateful people were for his services. It is for that reason that Mark Cereceda continues to provide medical services to patients regardless of their ability to pay at his own medical practice.

Mark Cereceda donated to many causes throughout his career. There are many organizations that he continues to support such as the Coral Gables Police Ski Team. As a doctor, Mark Cereceda knew his donations could help people through social and medical organizations. He donated to La Liga Contra El Cancer, the American Lung Association, and Camillus House which offered health services to the poor and homeless in addition to serving the community as a homeless shelter.