Mark Cockrell

Mark Cockrell

ÜT: 33.267673,-95.920706 / Husband, father, podcaster, musician, all-around geek and aspiring Open Source guru. Tech. Coordinator for Honey Grove Public Schools.
Mark Cockrell
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Simple, cheap way to get better audio into Skype with a real mic and headphone monitoring.

The Lexicon Alpha Desktop Recording Studio continues the tradition of excellence established by its popular siblings the Lambda and Omega desktop recording studios. Alpha Studio is a bus-powered

Good quality and inexpensive way to plug a pro mic and headset into a PC.  Better than a gamer headset in a lot of ways.

Controls the analog audio signal into digital for storing on the computer. Another workhorse of the studio.

Useful for connecting PCs, MP3 players, or recording devices to a mixer board.

Useful for connecting PCs, players, or recording devices to a mixer board.

The USB mixer I use.  Low-end, multitrack digital mixer.

Firewire Alesis mixer - small, but effective for a personal studio.