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Sometimes marketing makes us laugh - follow along with this board to see the most LOL worthy marketing pins.
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a person sitting at a desk with a laptop in front of him and the caption says, this is due in 5 hours and i haven't started yet yet yet yet yet yet
The Procrastination Matrix — Wait But Why
The procrastination matrix: pretty sure we've all found ourselves in this exact same scenario.
three stages of data driven marketing, with one man talking on the phone and another holding a laptop
5 stages of data-driven marketing - Marketoonist | Tom Fishburne
5 stages of data-driven marketing- Tom Fishburne. Which stage of data acceptance are you currently experiencing?
a woman wearing glasses with the words 35 funny pick up lines for marketing nerds
Heart Behind Hustle
There's more than one way to show a marketer you care. Here are 35 of them.
an older man in a white suit and tie holding his hand up to the camera
Watch This Video and Learn How to Turn Your Child Into the Next Social Media Superstar
This video explains the proper methods to train your child to be the next internet superstar. Whether it's on Vine, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, or YouTube, follow these rules and your child is sure to be the next big thing...or hate you forever. Totally worth the risk. [humor]
a man is standing in front of the window with blinds on his windowsills
Early Facebook Commercial (1995)
How would Facebook have been advertised in the 1990s? Very possibly like this. Enjoy this bit of marketing humor, a la AOL advertising style.
an emoticion with the words what meeting this morning?
NameBright - Domain Expired
Your digital advertising and digital marketing office life, as told my famous emojis. This is solid gold marketing humor. Way to go, Admoji!
a close up of a person wearing a star trek uniform and making a funny face
Silicon Valley Job Title Generator
Standard job titles are a thing of the past. Find out what your new job title should be with this Silicon Valley job title generator. #MarketingHumor
two people sitting at a table with laptops in front of them and the caption says, how do the same creepy retargetting ads always seem to find where i am?
retargeting ads - Marketoonist | Tom Fishburne
Not even Waldo can hide from the power of retargeting.
comic strip about how to use a computer
Test Title
Should have clicked just a couple more times, darn it. #MarketingHumor
two men sitting at a desk one has a laptop and the other says, maybe i could
Dilbert. Marketing Humor.
Internet productivity can be hard. Funny, Memes, Comics, Bones Funny, Cat Memes, Crazy Funny Pictures
The Oatmeal - Today, illustrated.   More comics here.
Internet productivity can be hard.
a can of beer next to some chips on a wooden table with blue glassware
Humor and B2B Marketing: A Love Story
If I were Cisco Systems trying to show how the role of information technology (IT) is changing, I could commission a research-based whitepaper. Or: I could tell you a story featuring a real chief information officer sharing in clear, simple language about how she’s using technology to sell more beer. Which is more compelling?