Hillary THEN and NOW-H Y P O C R I T E

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Hillary was fired from Watergate investigation for lies & unethical behavior when she was 27 years old - things haven't changed much.

Michigan, the home of the US Muslim population. One state down...everyone should BAN KFC for allowing this. KFC is running Halal trials in certain states or areas within the USA to see if it would segway into Muslim customers. This is happening in Texas too.

Pinner: Sharia law in the US? Tell them that if they leave, KFC will build them a big chicken place at home. To hate Americans and America, they seem to just love.

This a joke, right? This POS said that? I can't say any more or I'll get banned from Pinterest.

Liberalism IS a Mental Disorder. She is, quite literally--mentally unfit for Civic Duty.

Pathetic millenials. Such a slap in the face to our forefathers.

The sickening truth.and my uncles were part of the 1944 18 year olds.

Huma email to her brother - YIKES!! READ THIS!!!!

An Email From Huma Abedin to Her Brother…

Go to the article for a larger copy - Huma would be the Shadow President 😳. Huma email to her brother - YIKES!

This is who spoke at the DNC 2016? Sad!

Sarah Silverman is a vile,disgusting, sickening, low life who spews ingorance & hatred! The Democrats showed how little decency they have by having this despicable excuse for a woman speak at the convention!

Lazy, spoiled & entitled. If they can't be the CEO within a year 'it's not fair'. They don't want to work hard and they didn't learn how to save and live within their means. It's kind of funny actually.. They're so wrong.

Collectivism: "Rights" are the claims made upon individuals so that others are free of wants

WE FOUND IT! The 60 Minutes Interview George Soros Tried To Bury!

The 60 Minutes Interview George Soros Tried To Bury! He is the most evil and dangerous man on the planet! He is behind all the riots in USA.