Mark James Lucas Plein Air paintings

The World is a beautiful place. I PAINT TO ATTEMPT TO CAPTURE IT'S BEAUTY
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an oil painting of mountains and clouds at sunset
Baja California Sur Sunset
an easel with a painting on it next to some rocks near the water and trees
Walkers Hook at dusk
an easel is holding up a painting of boats
Rowboats at Burgoyne park Saltspring
an oil painting of a tree in the desert
Windswept Tree at Tecolote. I keep going back and forth between thick and thin paint. This small colour study is very thick. I know for certain that I wasnt happy with the smoothing out of the edges and strokes after a couple days in my past few paintings. So Im experimenting with a thicker formula in my lead white paint making process. Well see how the brush strokes hold up after a few days...
an oil painting of trees and clouds in the sky
California Clouds. Quick little banger. Reposting. Wasnt happy with the edges with the last version. Im liking these cloud edges a little more.
an oil painting of trees and rocks by the water
Evening Glow on Carmel Trees
an oil painting of the ocean and rocks
Whalers Cove. Did some refining on this plein air 16 x 20. Check out the original about 20 paintings down in my feed. Its quite different. Some areas I left alone while many were refined and reworked. When Im outside looking at my subject its quite hard to capture detail especially at 16 x 20. I try to capture the feeling and colours of the scene as I see it. Now that Im back in the studio for a while Ill be refining a few of these larger studies. Especially the ones that got stuck together!
an oil painting of clouds in the sky over a desert plain with water and grass
New Mexico Clouds
an oil painting of a tree in the snow
Evening light on Tree at Tecolote
an abstract painting of pink and blue clouds
Sunset Clouds over Isla Espírito Santo
an oil painting of mountains in the distance
Balandra Hills. 20 min sketch.
an oil painting of a sunset over the ocean with mountains in the distance and pink clouds
Los Frailles Sunset Light on Clouds
an oil painting of clouds and mountains in the distance
Los Frailles Clouds
an oil painting of waves crashing on the beach
Arbolito Surf
an oil painting of a beach with mountains in the background and blue water on the shore
Playa Los Arbolitos beach