new york city: one of the things we love because it’s the city we started in. (august 2013)

Sunday Photo: New York City

Natural color inspiration can come from a perfectly timed cityscape image. This photo of New York City is bathed in a monochromatic violet light.

24 Art Deco Badges #design Download:

24 Art Deco Badges

UNCONVENTIONAL LAYOUT/DESIGN This layout is interesting because of how the designs are arranged in columns with a dark background. I feel like this specific layout would have been interesting to include in articles such as the Mars one.

New York City. Went there for my first time last year for New Years and saw the ball drop. I'll never forget it.

Times Sq by - The Best Photos and Videos of New York City including the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Empire State Building, Chrysler Building and other popular New York places and attractions.

gorgeous view - NYC

gorgeous view by fine-luxury

New York! New York! "I wanna wake up to a city that never sleeps".

Description: David Wright Residence (1950) (S.322). The carpet was installed after Guerrero photographed the home in 1953. It had its origins in 1926. Wright adapted the design for the carpet from a design from one of a series of 12 abstracts he created for the covers of Liberty Magazine in 1926-28 entitled "March Balloons". The covers were never published. It is reminiscent of the murals he created for the North and South walls of the Tavern in Midway Gardens (1913) entitled "City by the…

Frank Lloyd Wright, carpet design, 1953 it had its origins in Wright adapted the design for the carpet from one of a series of 12 abstracts he created for the covers of Liberty Magazine in entitled "March Balloons"

Japanese Ink Painting, Large,Suibokuga,Sumi-e, Flower and Birds painting, Rice paper, Yellow Black, Forsythia chicks #1 by Suibokuga on Etsy

Japanese Ink Painting,Suibokuga,Sumi-e Forsythia and chicks painted with Sumi - ink and Gansai (Japanese watercolor) on the Japanese rice paper

Vintage Flower Botanical Tulip Color Plate to Print @ Vintage Fangirl

Here's a beautiful vintage botanical print of two spring tulips - and welcome to 25 days of new vintage spring images!