Mark Newsome
Mark Newsome
Mark Newsome

Mark Newsome

Shower behind the sinks...... It's kinda like a cave......& you don't have to worry about cleaning shower door. So neat!!

Road Trip Grill - $149.99 // Collapsible grill - awesome for home, camping, tailgating, beach or pretty much anywhere outside.

10ft iPhone/iPod/iPad cord - $24.00 // so your phone or device can still be handy while plugged in to the one outlet across the hotel room.

USB Pet Rock - $9.99 // A modern version of the 1970s pet rock

The Perfect Shave Kit - $115.00 // Give him the gift that gives back in the form of a smooth, kissable face.

Touch Screen Cashmere Gloves - $30.00 // winter is no reason to fumble with a phone

Highgear Solar Pod Solar Charger - $24.97 // don't get caught without power

Columbia Palmetto Outdoor Center Kayak Rentals // The Chernoff crew has done this trip a couple times and we highly recommend it!

Outdoor Camp Oven with Grill - $322.92 // not being at home is no excuse for not cooking a gourmet meal with this bad boy

Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Two-Person Hammock - $64.99 // lightweight, compact, and plenty of room for two

Tire swinging under the stars- love this. (Art by Roger Hutchinson)

Turquoise 10mm Pave bead, $6.59

Infinity Ring

NEW Natural Juniper Kiss Solid Perfume by daisycakessoap on Etsy, 4.00USD

European Charm Lampwork Glass Silver Flower Bead by susansheehan, $18.00

I love working with copper, and this flower cuff is one of my favorites to make! Lavender Cottage on Etsy