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Robert Downey Jr.

Oh I love this man. Laughing so hard right now. I'm pretty sure that in an alternate universe, Robert Downey Jr. Is in fact a llama. And in this universe llamas with hats is a true story.

A Beginner's Guide to Men's Hairstyles. (X-Post r/malehairadvice)

Hair of Men . Men's hair styles to fit different face shape. Plus good product re commendation for styling products for you hair type.

Charcoal 3 piece suit pattern blocking.  Bold yet understated.

Wide Bengale Stripe with a Micro Pattern will always work. The key is to wear different pattern types with opposite size/scale. (side-note: the fine striped suit works because its a faint stripe and is smaller in scale compared to the dress shirt.

Perfectly Suited: A History of Men's Suits Infographic

Clark Gable, Henry Fonda, and the Duke of Windsor were all popular fashion icons in the That is because they wore loose-fitting coats and trousers that tapered at the ankle. Read about other trends on this from a men’s suit tailor in Manhattan