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Schweden ist das Land der Wälder und der Innovationen. Kährs produziert seit mehr als 150 Jahren in Nybro, einer Stadt in Südschweden. | Mehr dazu auf

In the Last Age, or the Age of Fallen Stars, the Demonic Scourge makes one final attempt to retake Heaven from the Creator. They are once more cast down to Earth, were they begin ravaging the modern world in impotent fury. The end of the world has come.

Share, Pin or Retweet If You Love Writing! At the beginning of every great story, before anything exciting happens, we see something that looks a lot like normal life. Long before the protagonist slays a dragon or the heroine embarks on a quest, we see her in some unsuspecting place, dreaming of something more, but... - See more at:

Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Witch's Son

"My mom never taught me how to do this... but honestly, how hard can it be? I'll be fine Matthias." Nathaniel mixes two portions together and creates a mini explosion. I sigh. "maybe now you'll read the spell book I borrowed from my father?" "...maybe."