please...yes...doing nothing can be a good thing

"Stop the glorification of busy" Think about these words. Slow down people. let your kids enjoy life. Play outside. Be home and chill.


I miss you like an idiot misses the point.

I miss you like an idiot misses the point. ~ I need someone in my life to go away so I can use this line!

I really had to repin this.

Roses are red. Foxes are clever. I like your butt, let me touch it forever so gonna make this for hubby's valentines card

Sometimes I think people are right. Books should be banned. I feel crazier, let alone look! Millie thinks I'm crazy.

Keep your woman happy

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"For Instant Happy Women Just Add Wine" Wooden Coaster from East of India- Brighten someone's day with this humorous wooden coaster from East of India. Cream lettering on black wood in distressed finish to give them a shabby vintage appearance.

ah, yes

I am already disturbed, please come in - Funny sign on door is kinda creepy.

tomorrow :: a mystical land where 99% of all human productivity, motivation and achievement is stored.

6 Awesome Quotes That Will Help You Start Your Day

Funny pictures about Definition of 'tomorrow'. Oh, and cool pics about Definition of 'tomorrow'. Also, Definition of 'tomorrow'.

and when we find it, here and there--tremendous healing transforms you

Stay hotel Copenhagen.

White and black, clean wayfinding and signage, Stay hotel Copenhagen

Sausage hashtag.

Ray-Ban glassés are well-known eyewear brand a household name in the world of high-quality sunglassés rαy bαn glassés you buy. οakιey and rαy bαn,new discount !

I love the 80's!

‘Brain - The Breakfast Club’ by


I'm Andre and I'm from Brazil and I lived in the US for a year. By the way, enjoy life.


the words - quote - classy is the original black - inspiration - fashion quotes - black - white - l'Etoile Luxury Vintage

Stylabl Words

More Issues than Vogue Art Print by RexLambo


White space: the empty, negative space around the elements of a design. Designers use white space to make their key pieces pop. They draw the eye exactly where they want it to go.

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