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Fisheye Placebo ~ Frey by Aoi-nikkou

Well~this is my first page doll Frey is one of the main characters from yuumei 's series "Fisheye Placebo" The base I used for this is from PrinceProcra.

This is amazing!

Amazing color scheme the colors really.pop out. And it expresses how the character in it is either impressed or happy there's a little color in the world than a black and white/dull place

please don´t you gey sad after all the one who is crying is the sky. Please ha ve a smile on your face :)

I said i'd always be your friend. I took an oath i'll stick it out till the end. <<<< Not only in the good times.

Sousei no Onmyouji 15 - Read Sousei no Onmyouji Chapter 15 Online - Page 4

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Naruto [by um-mmma.tumblr.com]

There is a contrast between the turmoil of the mother and the more steady calmness of the father. I do imagine him in this position just dozing off and being patient with everything.