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Mark Ventura
Mark Ventura

Mark Ventura

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Northern Soul Flashmob during a break at filming, best moment of the entire thing!

NORTHERN SOUL my man has all these..... Misspent youth x

Northern Soul .. talcing the floor.. !

The obsession that is Northern Soul - a great little short film #NorthernSoul #SoulMusic

Northern Soul dancing - Sweat and flares and a trilby ♥ #NorthernSoul #SoulMusic

I was too young to go here, but someone says. "Back in the mid 60s I was a Mod, and being a big Soul music fan, was a regular at the Twisted Wheel Club All-Nighters in Manchester." Mod outside the Twisted Wheel, Manchester, United Kingdom, 1967, photograph by Paul Stanley.

Northern Soul - strange clothes, strange dancing, ugly, ugly!

Cold cast copper demon mask by missmonster

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☆ Chanel watch - black/gold ☆