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Print – 4 Pencil Sketch Owls all in a Row (Picture Poster Funny Animal Art) in Home, Furniture & DIY, Home Decor, Wall Hangings

Dringend als Stempel schnitzen!!! Graphic Negative Space Animal Icons by George Bokhua

Weandthecolor:Negative Space Animal Icons by George Bokhua More about the negative space animal icon designs on WE AND THE COLOR. Design, in Icon

Intuition <3 Weisheit <3 Vision <3 Höheres Bewusstsein <3

This is a really cool visual image through its use of negative and positive space. I like how the number is used in the image to create the face of the owl. The number appears to make the owl looking on its side. letter/number into image

Next tattoo owl love

Next tattoo owl love see now I have even more reasons to get an owl tattoo besides my son