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Banana Cream Pie

The Better-Sex Workout Ever pee when you sneeze? You probably have weak pelvic floor muscles, which are caused by pregnancy, childbirth, aging and being overweight. The solution is to perform Kegel exercises, which help strengthen those muscles

The side of a meat pounding mallet is very handy too, not just the pointy ends. Shown here crushing caramelized almond slices.

Made these too. In the end, it's just battered and deep fried cheese, but isn't that really all we want?

Breakfast Chorizo Quesadilla Topped with a Fried Egg

Breakfast Chorizo Quesadilla Topped With A Fried Egg recipe from Closet Cooking. Ingredients: 1 jalapeno pepper, 1 chorizo sausage, casing removed, 1 inch) tortilla, cup jack, shredded, cup cheddar, shr.