30 Of The Most Darling Animal Fur Markings. #15 Is Sad And Funny

(link) Fake or Real? ~ As you can see, someone has painstakingly made it appear that the spots on the horse spell “horse”. Do you see it now? View site for image of the actual horse compared to the photo shopped horse.

Some books need this warning.

Some books need this warning. Most books need this warning. ALL books need this warning.


Prim's death was so shocking it didn't hurt me until Katniss told Buttercup. This is the maybe the third time I cried in the book and movie

Gale explaining every fandom.

Gale speaks the truth. even if i don't like gale, he speaks the truth right hure.

The hunger games

The hunger games is one long depressing bread pun lol

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

I've looked forward to the Hunger Games movies every November since catching fire. I have no idea what movie I'll be seeing next year for my birthday :(

Funny Pictures Of The Day  69 Pics

Funny animals - Polly wants a cracker. Funny Pictures Of The Day 69 Pics