Jesus performs His first miracle on the blog tonight! Easy, inexpensive, and unique children's Bible lessons. Free to all! Take a look and share!

Children's Bible Lessons

Craft for Jesus calming the storm

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Jesus Stills the Storm

A fun way to talk to your kids about Jesus feeding the 5000

I Did It - You Do It: Lunch for a Bunch

Bible Task Cards: Miracles of Jesus ($2.25)

Bible Task Cards: Miracles of Jesus

Jesus Turns Water into wine Craft

Jesus Turns Water into wine Craft for Sunday..

Jesus Calms The Storm (easy but effective!)

Jesus Calms The Storm

Jesus stills the storm activity idea

Fruit of the Spirit: Peace: Jesus Calms The Storm

D01_Jesus Heals Ten Lepers

Jesus Heals Ten Lepers

Lesson on the 10 lepers

God Saves Noah from the Flood (Preschool Bible Lesson)

Lesson: Jesus Heals Ten Lepers

Lesson: Jesus Heals Ten Lepers

Jesus calms the storm! - neat bulletin board

Flame: Creative Children's Ministry: Jesus calms the storm!

Preschool Lesson about Jesus calming the storm

Preschool Bible Lesson: Jesus Calms the Storm

Jesus heals 10 lepers activities and thoughts

From the Cradle to the Cross: Jesus Heals 10 Lepers

10 Lepers-Preschool Lesson plan with all sorts of activities and printables

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Story of 10 lepers and a thank you note attached to write to someone.

My Mix of Six: Random

10 leper activity for kids - maybe do some sort of activity where you show all ten fingers and then just one finger to show that only one said thank you?

FHE for Under 3: Ten Lepers and Gratitude

storming clouds craft after Jesus Calms the Storm story - maybe make a mural of the event?

Beautiful Chaos: Preschool: Storming Clouds

Craft for Jesus healing the paralytic

Jesus Heals the Paralyzed Man

Jesus Healed Man lowered through roof

Man Lowered Through the Roof

Jesus heals the paralytic with 4 friends - three card version

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Jesus heals the paralytic with four friends - lesson and activities

Growing Kids in Grace: Jesus heals the paralytic

Overview lesson of Jesus' miracles, on Deb Jackson's blog

Bible Fun For Kids: Jesus and His Miracles

Some foamy, a little carpenter's glue, a popsicle stick and a couple of brass fasteners. But don't forget to actually get a Bible verse on the sail! (Adapt for Jesus stilling the storm?)

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Lazarus raised from the dead craft

Lazarus Raised From The Dead