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Victorian England

Victorian England

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Penny dreadful 'Spring Heeled Jack', 1890


Women and men playing croquet, Canterbury, 1860s

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Not Queen Victoria, but her daughter Victoria, future Empress of Germany. Winterhalter.

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Through the heart of the old East End ran the road called Commercial Road,it was built to solve the problems of the cramped slums or rookeries. The 1840s was a time when the east End problem raised its head and ideas were put to solve it, the road which had been aimed largely at slum clearance remained a white elephant in the middle of the East End, life went on as before.


victorian london

Narrow Marsh exhibition | Galleries Of Justice Museum

A young girl examines the window display of a city shop selling fresh veg, sunlight soap and sweets,- Newcastle, 1880s

Victorian Newcastle brought to life in photographic treasure trove

Matchbox-making was dominated by women and children, and was amongst the lowest paid home work available. This woman would paste together strips of paper and wood, called skillets, to form lids and trays. She received ‘tuppence ha'penny’ per gross (two and a half pence for 144), but had to supply her own paste and fire to dry the boxes. This photograph was taken outside of the workers impoverished dwelling, where they would normally spend up to 12 hours working every day. ca 1900.

Assembling Matchboxes at Home: c.1900, John Galt

“Vicky” (1840-1901) and her son Kaiser Wilhelm II

WW1 Royal family rift revealed in stunning portraits

On May 24, 1845, Prince Albert presented his beloved wife, Queen Victoria with a gold, enamel and pearl bracelet created from miniature portraits of their children. This particular link depicts Victoria, the Princess Royal, the first of the couple’s children. The portrait is the work of William Essex.

Stalking the Belle Époque: 11/27/11 - 12/4/11

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria | Grand Ladies | gogm

Covent Garden; view of Seven Dials looking up Little Earl Street, now part of Earlham Street, in 1896.

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Victorian women selling flowers in Covent Garden, London

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Old Pictures of London in Victorian Era - circa 1890 - Covent Garden women shelling walnuts.

vintage everyday: Old Pictures of London in Victorian Era

Legendary English Victorian stage actor Sir John Martin Harvey.

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Two English maids, 1864

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Temple Bar & Fleet Street, 1870. London.

Points of View: London 1870s and now

Dickens's London: in pictures - Telegraph

Dickens's London: in pictures - Telegraph

Canonbury Tower, Islington, 1879. This photograph was commissioned by the Society for Photographing Relics of Old London to form part of a p...

Canonbury Tower | Museum of London

The Great Chartist Meeting on Kennington Common in London, 10th April 1848. One of the first crowd photographs ever taken.

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Bank of England, Threadneedle Street, c 1885

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Covent Garden Market | Museum of London, c. 1860

Covent Garden Market | Museum of London

The Temple Bar Memorial, Fleet Street, 1890 - This tall, gothic, freestanding dragon, looms over the Temple Bar Memorial on Fleet Street before the Royal Courts of Justice, and serves as one of the boundary markers to the City of London. The name Temple Bar comes from a nearby Temple that was originally constructed by the Knights Templars, a Satanic organization with a very dark history.

The Temple Bar Memorial | Museum of London

Victorian hospital photo. Scan of 2-D images in the public ...

Medical - Hospital - Photo - Victorian Hospital - Children on Balcony in Industrial Revolution smog | Vintageprintable

Moore's Hairdresser & Fancy Repository, fans/hair pieces. In the town of Shrewsbury, Shropshire, 125 years ago in 1888. The pictures were taken in Shropshire by Joseph Lewis della-Porta, a 25-year-old skilled photographer, whose family ran one of the UK's first department stores.Joseph Lewis' camera would have been large and heavy with a long exposure time. He would have had to persuade his subjects to stay very still for quite some time, He was a member of Shropshire Photographic Society.

How one high street in Britain looked 125 years ago

A street urchin dressed in rags is photographed at a London studio, ca. 1860. I hope whoever photographed this child helped him!!!!

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