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Vicky Queen

Princess Vicky

Princess Royal

Royal Queen

Grandchild Prince

Grandson Prince

Born Grandchild

Favorite Grandchild

Victoria Died

Queen Victoria with her grandson Prince Wilhelm of Prussia (later Kaiser Wilhelm II) during the 1860's


The true story of Princess Vicky and her son Wilhelm

Victoria Prince Albert

Royals Queen Victoria

Princess Victoria

Victoria 1819

Queen Victoria

Victoria Regina

Victoria Dynasty

Hesse 1871

Victoria S Grandchildren

Queen Victoria with grandchildren, from left: Prince Albert Victor of Wales, Princess Victoria of Hesse and by Rhine, Princes George of Wales and Princess Elisabeth of Hesse and by Rhine


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Alice Prince

Princess Alice

Trust Princess

Alice Queen

Daughter Princess

Victoria'S Daughter


History Queen

Royal History

Princess Alice and Prince Louis of Hesse | Royal Collection Trust

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Princess Maud

Alexandra Princess

Daughter Princess

Daughter Maud

Danish Princess

Youngest Daughter

Mother Daughters

Princess Of Wales

Photography Maude

Queen Alexandra (then the Princess of Wales) with her daughter Princess Maud of Wales (the future Queen Maud of Norway).

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Princess Maud

Daughters Princess

Victoria Prince Albert

Queen Victoria Prince

Louise Victoria

Queen Maud

Alexandra'S Daughters

Children Princess

Victoria'S Children

Princess Victoria, Princess Louise and Princess Maud of Wales.


Louise with Victoria and Maud

Arthur Son

Arthur William

Arthur Frederick

Patrick Albert

William Patrick

Patrick O'Brian

Princess Patricia

Princess Margaret

Albert Duke

Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught, the seventh child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert


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Princess Irene

Princess Beatrice

Russia Princess

Rhine Princess

Rhine Queen

Princess Alexandra

Irene Queen

Eddy Princess

Victor Princess

Queen Victoria with Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence, Princess Alix of Hesse (later Empress of Russia), Princess Beatrice and Princess Irene of Hesse


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Arthur Duke

Prince Arthur

Leopold Duke

Prince Leopold

Alfred Duke

Prince Alfred

Connaught Prince

Vii Prince

Edinburgh Prince

The four sons of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert: Prince Albert, later Edward VII, Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, later Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught, and Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany


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12 Common History Myths, Debunked

June 1837

January 1901

20 June

Jan 22

March Year

20 1837

Victoria Queen

Victoria 1819

Queen Victoria

Victoria 1837-1901. Married her cousin Albert and they had 9 children. Her reign saw the beginning of the Industrial revolution. The British Empire stretched all around the world, and was at its largest while she was Queen. Victoria was made Empress of India.

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Old Pics Archive on

Thames London

London 1857

Old London

London 1800'S

River London

London Lost

Victorian Ship

Vintage Victorian

Victorian Britain

Isambard K. Brunel (left-hand in pocket) watches launch of iron steam ship "SS Great Eastern" on Thames, London,1857


Old Pics Archive on Twitter

1882 Leopold

Leopold Duke

Prince Leopold

Leopold Fourth

Leopold Eighth

Albany Leopold

Wife Helena

Helena S Dress

Hsh Helena

Prince Leopold fourth son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, Duke of Albany and his wife Princess Helena Duchess of Albany.

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Beloved Prince

Prince John

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria And Prince Albert

The Personal

Personal Servant

Brown Served

Highland Retreat

Bagpiper Photographs

John Brown sits for a portrait c. 1850. He was the personal attendant to Queen Victoria who often stayed at Balmoral, her Highland retreat, after the death of her beloved Prince Albert in 1861. The Queen and her ghillie John Brown became such close friends that their relationship caused scandal throughout the court and government of the time. Brown served with her for 18 years before he died at Windsor.

Show us your Vintage Kilt Photos - Page 3

1897 Queen

Queen Victoria'S

Queen Victoria And Prince Albert

Royals Queen Victoria

Albert Victoria

Victoria 1819

King Edward Vii

Son Edward

Albert Edward

Queen Victoria and Edward VII - a commemoration of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee


Queen Victoria's England

Plump Bows

Lace Plump

Sleeves Full

Lace Sleeves

Circles Scoop

Spitalfields Silk

Tier Short

Horizontal Lace

Interlocking Silver

The dress Queen Victoria wore to the Great Exhibition, 1851.


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Victorian Britain

Victorian Period

Industrial Archaeolgy

Illustrated Cyclopaedia

Vic Paper

Clark London

London 1852

Tabley House

Victorian Sensations

The Crystal Palace, and Its Contents; Being an Illustrated Cyclopaedia of the Great Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations. Published by W. M. Clark. London. 1852.


Follow the Heart

London 1900

London Days

Edwardian London

British Old London

London Vintage

London Lost

London Life

Paris London

East London

Sherbet and water seller in Cheapside, London, photographed by Paul Martin, circa 1900


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Victorian Court

Victorian Britain

Victorian Mourning

Victorian Era Photos

Mourning Gown

Black Mourning

Victorian Times

Edwardian Era

Victoria 1900



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Wilhelm Queen

Wilhelm Ii

Kaiser Wilhelm

Empress Victoria

Victoria Adelaide

Queen Victoria S

Victoria Spam

Mother Victoria

Germany S Royal

Vicky and her son Wilhelm looking happy.

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Romanovs Family

The Romanovs

Hesse Daughters

Russian Imperial

Imperial Russia

Hesse Romanova

Hess Darmstadt

Darmstadt Royality

L Album D Une

Princesses of Hesse - daughters of Princess Alice


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Victorian England

Victorian London

Victorian Life

Vintage London

Victorian Street

England 1876

London England

Thomson England

Victorian Worker

Photograph of locksmith by John Thomson, 1876


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Victorian England

Victorian Times

Victorian History

Victorian 1837 1901


Victorian Era Food

England 1859

Victorian Desserts

Victorian Area

Title page and illustration from Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management


The Middle Class

Cups Afternoon

Vintage Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea London

Beeton Illustration

Coffee Illustration

Afternoon Tea Illustration

Mrs Beeton

Beeton Food

Plates Teapot

Mrs Beeton, Illustration of crockery


The Middle Class

1890 1901 Late Victorian

Victorian Edwardian Eng

Images Victorian

Victorian Britain

Century Victorian

Victorian Romance

Victorian Times

1900 Era


Travelling on Public Transport, Image from the Graphic Newspaper, 1895


The Middle Class

Victorian Girls

Victorian Gowns

Victorian Clothes

Victorian Period

Victorian Times

Russian Victorian

Wealthy Victorian

Images Victorian

Victorian Google

Illustration of Ladies' Fashions, from The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine, 1860


The Middle Class

Images Victorian

Original Victorian

Victorian Stuff

Edwardian Victorian

Victorian England

Victorian Photographs

Antique Photos

Victorian Everyday

1864 British

The Victorian era was a golden age, for the middle class. The huge army of clerks worked from nine to four, or ten to five. For those without a grouse moor, a family seaside holiday in Brighton or Margate could be just as refreshing.


The Middle Class