"The Alligator Farm in St. Augustine is worth a visit..don't miss the new zip line over the entire park..oh yes..right over the heads of all those big gators.."

Beautiful and deadly, the glass frogs are frogs of the amphibian family Centrolenidae. While the general background coloration of most glass frogs is primarily lime green, the abdominal skin of some members of this family is translucent.

An Kety Pet Supplies. Chicken Coop Hen House Poultry - Pet Hutch Bunny House/ Large Run. This practical small pet hutch with two levels ( the retreat area on the second level and the open bottom on the ground floor) offers optimum comfort in sh

looks like a black mamba Snake (previous pinner) Black Mamba snakes are in fact not black. But they are named after the insides of their mouths which are black. In reality they are a green-ish grey colour.

Old dog Greyling .Grizzled and gruff, she is very somber and often spends her days with Eaddji and Brant... Greyling has no patience for the antics of pups, or yearlings, mostly because they jump on her, and make her old bones ache..

ask anthropologist living in Tennessee with a penchant for Texas hold 'em, musical theater and horror movies. I wish I lived on a boat. I like to use things other people have created to express my individualism. Hi, I'm Sarah. Personal.

earth-song: “ Lioness Snarl by *MrStickman ”

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