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Customize your world!
Customize your world!

Customize your world!

Magda Rijs | NL | Graphic Designer | Artdirector | Magazine Maker | India | Sign Boards | Fairtrade | Mother | Quotes | Typo | Travel

Francisco Lachowski. // boy candy

Yayoi Kusama | Blue Coat, 1965

En hommage à la vie et l’œuvre du designer italien Massimo Vignelli

Surya Mudra – for reducing excess fat and lowering bad cholesterol - this one is a must!!!! lol

Recharge your inner battery . Join thumb with little and ring fingers and let the magic begin. The Pran Mudra increases vitality, reduces fatigue and nervousness, and improves vision. It is also used against eye diseases. Pran Mudra when combined with Vayu mudra helps to reduce muscular aches and sprains. Make sure you do it for minimum of 15 minutes. Caution: People with Kapha dominant body should refrain from doing Prana mudra. It should be avoided if you are suffering from cough and cold.

Bhudi Mudra – restores fluid balance, treats dryness ( skin, mouth, eyes), kidney/bladder disorder. specifically helpful for water deficiency:burning sensation in the urine. do Bhudi mudra 10-15 minutes or as needed. combine tip of pinky w/tip of thumb, other three fingers will remain extended. Caution: Bhudi mudra should not be practiced by people having Kapha Consitution (heavy, slow, laid back attitude, excess mucous). Never do Bhudi mudra if you have problems like cough, cold and sinusitis.

Ksepana Mudra – for letting go and removal of negative energy This mudra helps in elimination through skin (sweat), lungs (exhalation) and large intestine. Do it for 2 minutes, hands facing downwards towards earth and see the recharged you.

Kamajayi Mudra – mudra for transforming excessive sexual energy into creative spiritual energy (Read more on my blog)

Ronald van der Meijs: 5000 bicycle bells swaying in the wind in Holland

Worst Person Ever by Douglas Coupland; design by Alex Merto (Plume / March 2015)