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Réka Marosi

Hungary / '98 #fencing#karpati#sabre#
Réka Marosi
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Oh yes, def time for a drink! {Benedict Cumberbatch for Flaunt Magazine by David Goldman}

So let's talk about Ben's latest photo shoot, this one here. It's causing serious problems in my life. Not only are my nerves shot, this photo shoot is also inhibiting my ability to do my homework.

They were perfect.

SO perfect, if there was ONE girl I'd pick for Sam, it was this lady right here. DAMN YOU SPN WRITERS! Sarah Blake had so much potential!

Dean, then and now ~ Supernatural

This is probably the most important GIF in the entire fandom. <--- THIS IS TRUE. - this makes me sad, poor Dean This is so sad and such a smack in the face. Like we know Dean changed over the years, but this puts it in perspective