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Marsevino Raintama

Marsevino Raintama
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Muay Thai Hand Wraps - just in case I forget, its been awhile but I'm ready to put my gloves back on!

Although I don't study a martial art that utilized hand strikes much, I DO know the importance of proper hand wrapping! It makes the difference between pain & bruises and broken knuckles!

Figma Black Rock Shooter

'BRS height chart' by (figma huke max_factory good_smile_company asai_(apsy)_masaki black_★_rock_shooter insane_black_★_rock_shooter black_★_rock_shooter_-_the_game height_chart)

saxophone // lol don't want to break that now, do we.

Jo knew how to take that thing apart and put it back together in under two minutes.

Get your saxophone skills together with the huge library of how to play saxophone lessons at Sax School.

Selmer Black Alto Saxophone Model 52BL

Selmer Black Alto Saxophone Model I know you have to be careful buying colored saxes but I love this one.

Yamaha, Yamaha YAS-875EXW Custom EX Alto Saxophone| YAS Just YAS @Olivia Nielsen

The most iconic instrument of the Jazz age, the Saxophone was used to revolutionize the musical era in the This instrument is found in brass only.