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    Marsha Shoquist
    Marsha Shoquist
    Marsha Shoquist

    Marsha Shoquist

    Peroxide is great in the laundry! Here's how to whiten yellow shirt stains: Mix together 1 tbsp Dawn dish washing liquid, 2 tbsp hydrogen peroxide, and 2 tsp baking soda. Apply the mixture to the yellow area and scrub gently. Leave sit for two hours and launder as usual.

    Lose 20 Pounds Fast — Seven-Day Meal Plan This is what I'm doing this week. Day one was easier than I thought it'd be.

    This really works! It’s particularly good on towels or clothes that smell a bit musty or moldy. I wash my dog’s bed once a month with vinegar then baking soda – it does wonders!

    My graduation cap! this is the best thing i've ever seen. love me some grey's references

    My Graduation cap-- Union College, NY

    Nursing school shadow box... LOVE!

    RN graduation cap - Created this by tracing image on the hat with a white colored pencil. Then glued rhinestones over the pencil lines. Really simple project, took less then 45 minutes.

    Rose Gold Hair Color! This hair color trend isn't just for blondes. How could you not love this perfect blend of pinkish copper hues?

    1Tbsp of iodine 2% 1Cup of baby oil Rub your hairy area with the mixture and let set for only 5 minutes. Then gently wipe away with a damp cloth. Viola!!!! NO MORE HAIR! haha! Screw you razor burn!

    Every Lizzie McGuire episode ever. Awesome. well found what im doing for the rest of my life.