Separados pero abiertos

mini-meeting rooms & breakout space: What a fun way to separate for smaller collaborative spaces while still being open. CPA Headquarters by Geyer

Idee qua raamwerk, maar dan wel veel fragieler / mooier

in barcelona, studio lagranja have created an airy, plant-filled office space for start-up 'typeform', based on ideals of fresh air and free mobility.

Sängyn ympärille, verhoilla. Ikkunoihin ikkunaluukut.

-- How to Force the Universe to Give you your Dream Life, literally by watching this short video.

Combinatie van ruimte en meubelstuk in 1

The longing for a studiolo

Small office Cottrell House Office Design via Office Design Gallery World's best offices office home-office

Nice example of how way finding can be more than the sum of its parts.

MATT office creates flexible coworking space in beijing _I love the color of the blue swivel doors/walls

A lovely pantry area with glass walls / partition at HAP Capital in NYC

Zia barstools from Davis Furniture in the HAP Capital offices - designed by Fogarty Finger