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In honor of Halloween, here you will find 22 Domestic Witcheries, "Practical Magic" style -- PM is one of my favorite books ^_^ pin now, read later

Beautiful Pagan artwork

Good information on creating a crystal grid

Green Aventurine -Brazil- A good luck stone, brings wealth and stimulates creativity.

Carnelian Agate -India- Understanding inner self; strengthens concentration. Grounding, helps self-esteem & confidence. Transform (-) into (+).

Unakite, Africa. Brings emotional balance, transforms negative feelings into positive ones.

Tiger Eye: Integration of logic and intuition, reason and creativity, brain hemisphere integration.Balance between extremes; See both side in disagreements; Overcome fatigue, Overcome discouragement, Self-criticism, and Low self-worth; Supports making changes for addictions; Draws spiritual energies to earth; Assists in recognizing other people’s needs.

How to create a protective medicine bag

Rose Quartz: Associated with the heart chakra and used to help balance this chakra, it aids not only with love of your fellow man (or woman) but love of the self too, enabling our heart energies to expand and embrace everything with pure, unconditional love. As a stone for healing it is used to help with heart problems and also for calming, de-stressing and reducing high blood pressure. It encourages us to take a more light-hearted approach to life, not to take things so much to heart t...

Protection Herbal Blend...squee the little bottles! @_@ so cute

another good reference chart ^_^

beautiful healing crystals

Complete guide to Crystal Chakra Healing by Philip Permutt