Marta Marengo

Marta Marengo

Ho scelto. Ho scelto di stare in bilico, di vivere di incertezze, di fugaci felicità. Ho scelto la nicotina, i suoni assordanti, i sabati allucinanti e le dom
Marta Marengo
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Pituitary Gland

Hormone Health for Families Tour in Australia. March Don't miss it as your health will greatly benefit from the knowledge you gain from on of the worlds leading experts in pituitary endocrinology. Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, melbourne and Brisbane

Fractures- open closed. FOOSH-colle's, greenstick, scaphoid, snuffbox tenderness.

Do you touch on the skeletal system & fractures in your job? Here are the main types of bone fractures broken down for you in simple terms.

Low Back Pain / A herniated disc most often occurs in the lumbar spine (lower back) or the cervical spine (neck), but it can also occur in the thoracic spine (upper back). Each location for a herniated disc produces different symptoms of pain.

Hip fractures: Most elderly unlikely to fully recover, even when they were very active previously

Basic Hip Fracture Types in Adults - American Family Physician

Knee problems / pain

Knee Pain- good for me to know! Struggling with knee pain from running for over 5 months now and my doctor just keeps sending me back to physio.

X-ray of chest

Chest X-ray Interpretation With Mnemonic A-X - Health Insurance Quotes